Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Hot Brunette Spreads Wide Open Showing Us Her Shaved Pussy

Here we see a hot brunette with a perfect body showing off what mother nature gave her - a well proportioned body all splayed out on a leather couch showing herself for the camera. Hands up in her hair, away from her body, making no attempt to cover herself, fully and willing inviting our gaze, wanting to be seen, wanting her body to be checked out from head to toe.  

And that's what we do, from the tips of her stockinged feet, clad in whitish bluish green sheer thigh highs loosed from where they were attached to her white garter belt, a whorish ruffled garter slipped over one thigh. The rest of her is fully nude and exposed. Her lovely c-cup titties hanging out for us to see, one hanging down very naturally the other jutting out, looking so juicy, firm and desirable. The expression on her face says knowing, slutty, perhaps even whorish, totally up for this, totally up for showing off her body in this pornographic display.

And then the coup de grace is that open legged pose. Could her legs be spread open even wider? Maybe yeah, sure - but make no mistake those legs are open wide. Wiiiiiide open, beautiful naked legs revealing the centerpiece of the entire nude display - her completely shaved fully shown off on display pussy, there for us to check out and jerk off over as much as we want. Shaved wide open beaver shot and spread eagle. Cute little labia cleanly shaved, pretty pink pussy not in too different color from the rest of her body, sort of an olive skin tone. Shaved spread open snatch and twat of a young woman in her prime fuckability. Yep, this shot is more than acceptable and we definitely want to see more!

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